Human capital management

We provide the following services:
  • Job Description and Analysis


We assist the Human Resources Department with the implementation of job descriptions and analysis that will be used as a basis for efficient human resource management.


  • Career Plan


We cooperate with each person's professional development, helping the company to plan their work careers and seeking in-house work opportunities that will improve their skills and personal fulfilment.


  • Outplacement


We assist with the dismissal of company personnel, offering advice regarding the form of severance which is best for both parties and encouraging processes that generate work opportunities.


  • Performance Evaluation


We develop and adapt your performance evaluation system to the latest international tendencies regarding performance feedback. This is a tool that allows you to motivate your staff, develop job skills required for each position, professionalize your company and set up a career programme, among other key benefits.


  • Retirement Plan


We know that people are of utmost importance to a company, which is why setting up a retirement plan increases motivation and helps the organisation’s work environment.