Personnel screening and recruitment

The personnel selection process seeks a perfect fit between a candidate, a job opening and a company.

To this end, we carry out a selection based on work competencies. We analyse the job profile and undertake a thorough evaluation of the applicants’ skills, attitudes, motivations and personality traits.

Complete Personnel Screening and Recruiting Process:

  • Analysis of the required profile
  • Preparation and publishing of the job opening
  • Pre-selection of résumés
  • Individual and group interviews
  • Psycho-technical testing
  • Preparation of psycho-labour reports on the finalists
  • Ninety-day follow up and guarantee

Delivery of Curricula:

  • Analysis of the required profile
  • Search in our database
  • Initial interview with candidates who applied
  • Delivery of curricula

Psycho-Technical Evaluations:

In order to assess their potential, a psycho-labour diagnosis is carried out on all the applicants being evaluated for a client.

Assessment Centre:

Final candidates are chosen following a workshop during which we measure the specific competencies defined by the client.

Head Hunting:

We provide specific persons for high-level positions, researching availability and profiles reasonably similar to those required, carrying out discreet personal negotiations and arranging meetings with the purpose of hiring the most suitable executive.